Hope Is Not A Plan took over 15 months to produce and was the result of many generous individuals hard work and passion. We thank you all !


Most of the interviews lasted about an hour. In Paul Caune’s, Paul Gauthier’s and Tim Stainton’s case… We had to do re-shoots. In one case we had a half hour of audio magically disappear due to a faulty camera.

The Shot

Trevor Gray is one of the best DOPs in the biz. I was so lucky to have him on board. He had total freedom to call the frame as he saw it. As a result, we ended up with some incredible shots.


The film was shot with 3 cameras, two mics and 1 lighting rig.


Rich was incredible. We worked with France Perras on the voice-overs and mastered the final audio tracks together.


HINAP was filmed in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. We had a limited budget, so money was often a challenge. Dick Sobsey’s Alberta interview was done in one day. I left Vancouver International Airport at 5 AM and was back that night at 11 PM.