Press Interviews & Presentations

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The Need for Direct Payments Legislation
in British Columbia – Paul Caune

Hope Is Not A Plan – Paul Caune

Paul Caune making a presentation at
Coquitlam City Hall, on his Civil Rights Now initiative.

Civil Rights Now! On Local Connection

Disability as a Social Construct

Montrealer of the week – Laurence Parent

News Story-PADS

BC Needs a Wrongful Death Act -Campaign
Don Renaud

For Grandparents – Rita and Sara McDonnell

Paul Caune talks about his forcible
confinement at George Pearson Center.

Civil Rights Now! Executive Director Paul Caune

Citizen Advocacy Ottawa: Changing Lives, documentary

Try on a Disability by Pos-Abilities

Individualised Funding: Context and Challenges
– Professor Tim Stainton