This film is about you and everybody you know…

Hope Is Not A Plan is the story of civil rights in Canada.
On July 26, 1990. The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed and put into effect.
It gave American citizens unprecedented legal power over their lives.
Canadian citizens. Everyday. Have their civil rights violated by their government. There needs to be change, because…
Hope Is Not A Plan.

COVID-19 has killed many disabled Canadians in nursing homes.
Many Canadians were justifiably shocked at the state of institutions in Canada.

"The Secret Lives of Tough People"

"Disabled Canadians continue to have their freedom and dignity violated with impunity across their own country."

"“Hope Is Not A Plan” is about the many challenges faced by disabled members of our community. It is a film about the lives of some of our fellow human beings and the many struggles they face every single day- struggles that most will never face nor be able to fathom. It sheds a light on the broken system of “care” and how institutionalization does people great harm. It is a film that talks about George Pearson Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health and some other local institutions that are since gone, such as Woodlands.

It is a film about perseverance, courage and strength.

I felt every emotion possible while watching this. If you can watch…even if it is in stops and starts, please do. It is so eye-opening. And in my opinion, NECESSARY.

We simply must look around us at what life is like for other human beings, acknowledge their experiences and validate them. And then, if we have the capacity, we must act. Do whatever we can to make things better. And if we cannot act because we are not in a role where that is possible, what we CAN do is bear witness.

Please, I humbly ask you to bear witness by watching this film."

Leigh Salhany Eliason

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